Fans in anticipation as John Mayer delivers new album in waves

January 20, 2017 was a wonderful day for America. It was composed of much more than a tense Inauguration Day and worldwide anti-Trump protests. Negativity seemed to crash throughout our country in waves during the election season, but John Mayer delivered a mellow wave that came to bring Us the People peace.

On that day, John Mayer fans around the world celebrated their beloved, sentimental story-writing, soulful guitar-playing, pop-rock singer as he released “Wave One” of his seventh album titled, “The Search For Everything.”

The first four-song cluster has set the tone for his latest project and given the two-time Grammy award-winner’s listeners a clearer idea of what to expect from him after nearly three years away from the limelight as a lead singer.

He has used the past two years to tour with renowned rock group, Dead and Company, and has spent hundreds of hours in the studio writing and creating his current album.

Its been less than four years since he released his sixth album, “Paradise Valley,” and, according to fans, waiting on the first wave has been worth it.

“The Search For Everything” has even made noise and rolled up the charts. Here’s a little info on the EP’s debut:

  • #2 on the Billboard 200
  • #1 on Top Current Albums
  • #1 on the list of Top Digital Albums

Chart placements hold their value, but fans always get the final say. As a result, they’ve gone into a frenzy and taken to social media to share their thoughts on Mayer’s release.


Fans tweet praises to Mayer for a beautiful body of work via Twitter


“Moving On and Getting Over” kicks the CD off with a groove that made me want to dance from the moment I pressed play. The bass and the lead guitar collaborated beautifully while the organ came in periodically to add the slightest gritty undertone. This gave Mayer’s vocals room to work and brought out the pulsating rhythm of the hook when he sings, “But I still can’t seem to get you off my mind.”

Those who appreciate “Stop This Train” from Mayer’s Continuum album will likely draw towards track two in the lineup called, “Changing.” He begins and ends the song boldly by singing, “I may be old, and I may be young, but I am not done changing.” The music plays loudly, but the message speaks louder. It sounds like his way of letting the world know that his evolution won’t be complete until his death.

The EP’s third song, “Love on the Weekend,” sounds like the perfect record to close a movie with as a couple drives off into the sunset with the radio blasting. The ambient guitar effects, rhythm, and lyrics evoke feelings of freedom and nostalgia as the writer paints the picture of a road trip with one he loves.

“You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me” is the final song on “Wave One,” and it strips away the guitars and drums. It’s simply Mayer, a piano, strings, and the most vulnerable lyrics of the entire project. He concludes honestly and affectionately, leaving fans across the globe craving more material.

As a fan, I have thoroughly enjoyed riding “Wave One,” and I am looking forward to doing the same with “Wave Two.” I’m sure that it will be a smooth ride. Look out for The Search For Everything: Wave Two EP, which will be released this Friday, February 24.



One thought on “Fans in anticipation as John Mayer delivers new album in waves

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  1. Hey Idalis,
    I really enjoy your piece on John Mayer’s new album. I can tell from this post that you have an interest in music stronger then just listening to sound of it. I appreciate that you reach deeper into the lyrics and pull out a deeper meaning.
    I really enjoy the first paragraph where you discuss all this chaos that occurred the same week that the album came out, but it seems like his new album brought solace to you during this time.
    I haven’t listened to his new album yet, but by your review it seems like something that would bring joy and peace to me. I love older John Mayer music, so I am very excited to go home and listen to his album on repeat until I learn every lyric.

    Great job Idalis,



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