King Lamon: The King First, Lamon Second

“And every life source shall sing Your song.” Those inspiring words ring through the heart of Savannah native, Derrick Aikens, who makes it his priority to place the King’s will over his: a true servant. Over the years, Aikens has performed as a background singer for two of the C-Port’s well-known gospel groups: Revelation Love Worship (RLW) and Antwan Smalls & Life Worthy. The youngest of four brothers is now ready to stake a claim as an individual vocalist under the moniker: King Lamon.

iD: How did you start singing?

KL: My mom says I’ve been singing since I was in the womb, but I remember starting at Beulah Baptist Church here in Savannah. I was like 4 years old, and they let me sing soprano with the youth choir. The first song I remember singing is “Melodies From Heaven” by Kirk Franklin, and we also sang “Shake the Devil Off” by Dorothy Norwood.
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The Power of Singing in the Shower

Whether it’s happening in your car while the radio is blasting, in the middle of cleaning your house by yourself, or on a stage in front of thousands, singing has life-saving capabilities.

Some of you may say, “But I only feel comfortable singing in the shower.” That’s completely okay. It doesn’t matter where you sing, what style you sing, or your skill level; anyone can enjoy these benefits.

I know it sounds like an extreme stretch, but I invite skeptics to this conversation because science backs up my belief.

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LeBronic and Davidic: Understanding Digi’s Dopeness

Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to have an enlightening and eye-opening convo with Delandrian ‘Digistar’ Aikens. Our intellectual exchange ended less than a week ago, but the words he spoke were branded into my brain and have no expiration date. You may not know him yet, and that’s okay.

He’s a husband, father, musician, songwriter, producer, visionary, and Savannah-native who’s kept an ‘I believe God’ mentality in spite of his reality. As he’s navigated through the first year of his fly forties, we sat down and talked about the influence that faith and music have played in his life and how those two instrumental factors drive his desire to help others succeed. Here’s some of our dope dialogue

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Fans in anticipation as John Mayer delivers new album in waves

January 20, 2017 was a wonderful day for America. It was composed of much more than a tense Inauguration Day and worldwide anti-Trump protests. Negativity seemed to crash throughout our country in waves during the election season, but John Mayer delivered a mellow wave that came to bring Us the People peace.

On that day, John Mayer fans around the world celebrated their beloved, sentimental story-writing, soulful guitar-playing, pop-rock singer as he released “Wave One” of his seventh album titled, “The Search For Everything.”

The first four-song cluster has set the tone for his latest project and given the two-time Grammy award-winner’s listeners a clearer idea of what to expect from him after nearly three years away from the limelight as a lead singer.

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